AXA – Here to Offer “Future-Proofing Insurance”, Facilitating Insurance Industry to Usher in New Era

Future-Proofing Insurance

AXA, a leading global insurer, is pleased to announce the launch of its brand-new corporate video. In a world characterised by uncertainty, and with the emergence of new risks and vulnerabilities, the insurance industry plays a pivotal role in managing, mitigating and transferring risks within this rapidly changing landscape. At AXA, we are committed to protecting as many people as possible and contributing to enhancing financial stability and resilience. The key differentiating factor of market leaders and market followers will be the ability to discern the unseen needs of customers, the courage to challenge the status quo to protect as many people as possible, and the capability to leverage technology to develop forward-thinking solutions in a timely manner.

By embracing a forward-looking approach, AXA is always attentive to the evolving needs of its customers and agile in meeting them to their satisfaction. With its dedication to delivering “Future-Proofing Insurance” and “Sustainable Solutions”, AXA focuses on areas such as life and health insurance, commercial lines insurance, and climate risk solutions, making life safer, fairer and more inclusive.

Unique Business Model to Seize Opportunities

With a presence in 51 markets and serving 93 million customers worldwide, AXA is committed to addressing potential risks and challenges ahead, including escalating climate change and evolving health needs, on a global scale. In China, AXA has adopted a unique strategic management structure that includes three entities in the mainland and one entity in Hong Kong and Macau, all operating under a strong leadership team. This structure enables the Company to maximise growth opportunities, foster industry experience exchange, and most importantly, support timely product innovation across various business lines.

AXA takes great pride in its significant engagement in China’s economic development, marked by the establishment of the Shanghai Reinsurance Operation Center and the signing of the first inward reinsurance agreement under Shanghai international board for reinsurance trading during the 6th China International Import Expo. Leveraging the Group’s resource advantages, AXA proactively delivers prime quality cross-border financial products and services, making contributions to enhancing the competitiveness and influence of Shanghai as an international financial center, and promoting the high-quality development of China’s financial sector.

Stable Risk Management and Excellent Customer Service

AXA is the largest General Insurance provider and a major Employee Benefits provider in Hong Kong. Guided by its purpose-driven business model and its commitment to act for human progress and protect what matters, AXA has consolidated its position as a frontrunner in the insurance industry.

AXA’s competitive advantage lies in its holistic approach to risk management. The Company protects the community, including the sub-health population, through inclusive product innovation and demonstrates a commitment to preventing and managing preventable risks. AXA has introduced a series of health management programmes designed to help customers improve their health conditions. Additionally, the Company has partnered with taxi companies to launch a groundbreaking Internet of Vehicle (IoV) project in Hong Kong through investment in a telematics device for taxis, allowing for real-time monitoring of road conditions, obstacle detection, and assessment of driving behavior. These initiatives aim to prevent accidents, incentivise safe driving practices, and redefine the concept of protection by going beyond accident compensation to create safer roads for everyone.

Another distinguishing factor for AXA is its commitment to providing timely and excellent customer experiences. Leveraging Artificial Intelligence Generated Content (AIGC), AXA has launched climate index insurance, which offers automatic payouts to small and medium-sized enterprise customers who suffer work stoppages due to inclement weather when specific triggers, such as typhoon signals or rainstorm warnings, are met. This streamlined approach reduces the hassle of filing claims and expedites the recovery process for its customers.

This is an era for insurers to shine and give back to society. At AXA, we see the future as an opportunity to resolve risks and contribute to the betterment of society.


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