Dara & Co addresses rising challenges as half of women aged 35-54 admit to unhealthy relationships

Dara & Co addresses rising challenges as half of women aged 35-54 admit to unhealthy relationships

A new Irish EdTech platform is taking a proactive stance to address the rising challenges of unhealthy relationships.

A survey conducted by dara & co has revealed a stark reality, indicating that over 50% of women aged 35-54 and nearly 25% of men under 45 acknowledge having experienced unhealthy relationships.

The comprehensive survey conducted nationwide has revealed that 54% of respondents acknowledge experiencing feelings of loneliness. This statistic sharply increases among specific demographics, with a staggering 77% of females aged 18-24 and 62% of those uncomfortable with their financial situation reporting heightened feelings of isolation.

A significant 34% of survey participants admit to not loving themselves completely as they are. This sentiment intensifies among specific age groups, reaching 46% among females aged 25-34 and further escalating to 48% among females aged 35-44.

The survey finds that almost 7 in 10 men feel better connected to others due to technology. The platform places importance on male mental well-being. One of the offerings for men is the Mindful Masculinity workshop offering practical tools and strategies to navigate and control stress effectively. This workshop aims to break down stereotypes, provide a safe space for open discussions, and empower men to prioritise their mental health.

Naomh McElhatton, CEO and Founder of dara and co said “We encourage open, inclusive, and forward-thinking whether it’s a relationship with yourself, family, partner, sibling or colleagues and how to tackle scenarios such as coming out, burnout and sex. We’re changing the conversation around relationships.

“These findings underscore the complex and evolving nature of modern relationships, with implications for mental well-being, self-perception, and the role of technology in fostering connections. dara & co, is taking heed of these statistics and is committed to addressing the core needs of users. The platform goes beyond traditional learning by placing humans front and centre at every touchpoint, providing reassurance and peace of mind through genuine connections and expert guidance”.

Elaine Burke, Editor-in-Chief of dara & co said, “dara & co distinguishes itself as more than just an EdTech platform; it stands as a force for good in the realm of personal development and relationships. Beyond traditional educational functions, the platform leverages technology to address critical issues such as loneliness, isolation, and relationship challenges, seeking to impact users’ personal growth and interpersonal connections positively.

“Through a diverse array of offerings, including live masterclasses, pre-recorded sessions, podcasts, and other digital resources, dara & co delivers expert-led content. Embracing technology as a catalyst, the platform fosters an interactive and supportive community of experts, providing users with an engaging space to connect and actively participate in their personal development and relationship journeys”.

In a landscape where societal dynamics and communication norms are continually evolving, dara & do offers a fresh perspective. This involves acknowledging the diverse nature of relationships in the digital age and actively shaping and influencing the dialogue surrounding them.

Visit daraandco.com and embark on your transformative journey.


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