DEEP and SPRIND partner for biomanufacturing innovation

DEEP and SPRIND partner for biomanufacturing innovation

DEEP, Institute for Deep Tech Innovation at ESMT Berlin, and SPRIND, the German Federal Agency for Disruptive Innovation, are partnering to advance innovation in circular biomanufacturing. This collaboration launches an exclusive coaching and mentoring programme, utilising the proven Creative Destruction Lab (CDL) methodology, to propel SPRIND Challenge teams towards successful commercialisation.

The joint programme between SPRIND and DEEP will deliver a specialised mentoring programme for eight SPRIND Challenge teams chosen in 2023. These teams have embarked on an up to three-year innovation competition to develop comprehensive prototypes and commercialise breakthrough technologies in circular biomanufacturing, a field critical to sustainable development and innovation. Spanning from January to October 2024, the coaching and mentoring programme includes four intensive session days, hosted primarily at the ESMT campus in central Berlin. The kick-off session on January 26 will be the start of candid and hands-on expert guidance, leading to clear roadmaps for each team, addressing their immediate and critical challenges.

Thorsten Lambertus, managing director of DEEP at ESMT, explains, “The mentors, all successful entrepreneurs, investors, and corporate decision-makers, with long-standing experience in circular biomanufacturing, ensure a focused approach to tackle the teams’ specific challenges. The primary goal is to place each team on a path to success by helping them set the right individual priorities.”

“This partnership showcases SPRIND’s commitment to invest in radically new solutions and future industries, while at the same time creating an innovation ecosystem with like-minded institutions,” says Jano Costard, challenge officer at SPRIND. “The goal of this specific challenge is to establish novel biomanufacturing processes that utilise locally available waste streams to generate new materials and products at scale.”

The inclusion of the Creative Destruction Lab (CDL) methodology is pivotal in the partnership with SPRIND and DEEP. CDL’s approach, known for its efficacy in fostering high-impact ventures, offers a structured, objective-based process that is critical for deep tech ventures and tech transfer projects. Leveraging this knowledge and expertise ensures that the SPRIND Challenge teams are equipped with the necessary tools and guidance to navigate the complex landscape they are operating in, ultimately leading to groundbreaking innovations that can reshape industries and contribute to a sustainable future.


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