Empowerment through tech: How Pebl is transforming payments for Australian Businesses

Empowerment through tech: How Pebl is transforming payments for Australian Businesses
Schaan O’Hara

By Schaan O’Hara, Co-Founder and Director at Pebl

Businesses today need technology that not only meets current demands but anticipates future challenges. Drawing from our considerable experience, we at Pebl have identified gaps and weaknesses in the payments industry and are focussed on revolutionising the way businesses accept payments. As co-founder of Pebl Payments, I, along with joint founder and CEO Elliot Cohen, created Pebl in response to requests from our merchant customers for a faster, more accessible, cost-effective and inclusive way to accept payments.

Our Australian owned mobile app, aims to democratise the process of accepting payments, providing a practical, efficient tool that turns a mobile phone into a terminal, simplifying transactions, while supporting the economic activities of large and small businesses and in particular trades, services and charities across Australia. Through continuous innovation, we aim to become the go-to SoftPOS solution available, offering unprecedented access and flexibility.

How does Pebl save time and reduce stress for businesses?

With its focus on user-friendly design, Pebl has streamlined the payment acceptance process, making it faster, simpler and more accessible for businesses of all sizes. Unlike competitor products, Pebl is quick to set up, with no subscription and no additional equipment rental or hardware costs. Pebl is bank agnostic, inclusive and does not upsell other products or services. The app is designed to adapt to each business’s operational needs, rather than dictating to them.

Instant setup, Immediate impact

The agility of the Pebl payment system is a game-changer.  Pebl’s design philosophy is that access to payment systems should be as immediate as possible. Traditionally, setting up payment systems could take up to two weeks, but Pebl compresses this to as little as five minutes. This efficiency enables businesses to start accepting payments almost immediately, which is crucial for those operating in dynamic environments like markets, pop-ups and large fundraising events. This quick setup not only saves time but also helps businesses capitalise on spur-of-the-moment opportunities.

No extra hardware, No extra hassle

Pebl utilises the ubiquitous smartphone, turning it into a powerful payment processing tool without the need for additional hardware. This approach eliminates the expense and hassle of managing extra devices and reduces electronic waste and energy costs of charging additional hardware, making Pebl an environmentally conscious choice. Business owners are already familiar with their phones, which reduces training time and streamlines operations.

All payments, One platform

Pebl’s platform is comprehensive, accepting all forms of payments including cards, mobile wallets and direct PayID transfers. It supports various methods like Tap to Pay on iPhone and Android, QR codes and payment request links, ensuring that businesses can cater to all customer preferences. This inclusivity enhances customer experience and broadens each business’s potential customer base.

Streamlined team management

Pebl simplifies the management of financial transactions for teams across various business models. From non-profits to mobile services, businesses can set up multiple users quickly, allowing them to process payments that directly settle into the designated bank account. This functionality is particularly empowering for non-profits and service industries that operate with a large or fluctuating number of team members in various locations. By arming NFPs and trades with the ability to set up volunteers and team members in minutes, they can expand their payment reach and increase their revenue substantially, whilst all admin control resides with the business’s head office.

Automatic surcharging and unlimited customisation

Business owners can automatically surcharge the transaction fee at their discretion, making cost management flexible. Pebl also offers the ability to create unlimited product lists within the app, further customising the user experience for specific business needs. Moreover, the in-app dashboard enables real-time transaction monitoring, giving business owners comprehensive control over their financial activities.

Seamless integration with xero

Pebl saves time and hassle for businesses that require invoicing. Integrating directly with Xero, Pebl allows businesses to manage invoices and payments efficiently. Users can generate invoices within the app and receive payments on the spot, with transactions automatically reconciled. This integration saves significant administrative time and reduces errors, allowing business owners more time to focus on business growth and customer service.

Future-Focused and Adaptable

An essential partner for any business looking to thrive in a digital-first economic landscape, Pebl is not just keeping pace, but is actively shaping the future of mobile payments. Its scalable and flexible system, supported by partnerships with global tech leaders, platforms and hardware providers, can adapt to evolving business needs and technological advancements. The recent enhancements, such as the Xero integration and reduced fees, demonstrate Pebl’s commitment to improving business efficiency and reducing costs.

Shaping tomorrow: Driving the future of digital payments

Pebl is transforming how Australian businesses manage transactions, offering a powerful, user-centric, user-shaped payment solution that saves time, reduces stress and enhances operational efficiency. Recent enhancements, such as our integration with Xero and reduced transaction fees, underscore our commitment to making business operations as efficient as possible. With its innovative approach and forward-thinking technology, Pebl has already made ripples in the Australian payment pond and we are intent on making waves internationally.


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