Fintech Business, PLIM Finance, Launches Swiss marketplace as part of Global expansion

PLIM Finance

PLIM Finance officially launched their Swiss Marketplace, holding an exclusive event on at Fame Gallery, Talstrasse 9, Zurich, that showcased their European expansion within the aesthetic Fintech industry.

PLIM is an interest free “Buy Now, Pay Later” credit service specifically for the medical aesthetics industry with the goal of making elective, aesthetic treatments more accessible and affordable. With an online platform, PLIM Marketplace, patients can browse through a list of clinics and their treatments and checkout via a payment plan with ease. Patients are also able to pay directly in the clinic. The clinics will then be paid in full for any treatments bought straight away, allowing PLIM to prioritise the financial needs of both the clinics and their patients whilst providing a successful payment solution within this industry. Within the UK PLIM has 666+ clinics onboarded, 7,150+ BNPL invitations and 88,792+ unique visitors. 

London-based fintech company, PLIM, is excited to announce the launch of PLIM Swiss, marking a significant milestone in the company’s expansion strategy. With a vision to become the market leader in creating accessible and safe purchases in the medical aesthetic industry. With PLIM Swiss, customers in Switzerland will have access to a marketplace that offers a wide range of aesthetic and cosmetic procedures, along with flexible payment solutions. PLIM’s marketplace model ensures a seamless and convenient experience for users looking for aesthetic treatments. 

Switzerland’s high affluence and spending power make it an attractive market for Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) services. Additionally, the country boasts an advanced healthcare and cosmetic industry, providing a thriving market for aesthetic procedures. Switzerland’s central location and strong economic ties with neighbouring countries make it an ideal hub for further growth. 

The company’s commitment to expanding its footprint is driven by the growing demand for flexible payment solutions in the aesthetics sector. By offering innovative BNPL options, PLIM aims to empower both providers and clients worldwide, enhancing access to aesthetic treatments and supporting industry growth. Their success in the UK and positive reception in Switzerland underscore the potential for global expansion, positioning PLIM as a key player in transforming how aesthetic services are financed and accessed.

To celebrate the successful implementation of PLIM’s Swiss Marketplace they held a launch event in Zurich on May 23rd. The event was attended by Nada Ali Redha,the founder of PLIM, “We are delighted to bring our services to Switzerland. This is a new challenge for us and we are excited to see how the Swiss Market responds. Bringing more business and support to clinics whilst providing the accessibility to self care treatments to consumers.” The event was a great opportunity for industry players, the general public, and potential customers to learn more about PLIM Swiss and its interest-free loan service for aesthetic treatments. 

With highly recommended doctors and a wide range of treatments available, PLIM Swiss is set to revolutionise the accessibility and financing options for aesthetic procedures in Switzerland.


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