Leading the Charge Toward Net Zero: CERAWeek Spotlight on Alberta, Canada

Leading the Charge Toward Net Zero: CERAWeek Spotlight on Alberta, Canada

Alberta, Canada- Invest Alberta, the investment attraction agency for Canada’s fastest-growing province, brings an innovative outlook on energy investments to this year’s CERAWeek conference. Joining with energy leaders from around the world, Invest Alberta will profile the region’s pivotal role at the forefront of responsible and diverse energy production.

Supported by decades of energy growth and infrastructure, Alberta is primed to address the world’s energy needs and challenges. Long known as a stalwart in energy production, the province is home to top energy talent, world-class research minds and facilities, and existing infrastructure to support major projects. Alberta’s skilled workforce also possesses a deep-rooted entrepreneurial spirit, equipped with the ambition and drive to meet the future of energy demands right where they live. With Invest Alberta in place to guide companies through permitting, government programs, and site selection, investors are finding an unparalleled ease in setting up and growing their businesses in Alberta.

“CERAWeek, the world’s premier energy conference, is the ideal venue for Invest Alberta to showcase Alberta’s role in leading the global energy transition,” said Rick Christiaanse, Invest Alberta CEO. “Through responsible and diverse energy production, supported by top talent, world-class innovative projects, and a thriving entrepreneurial spirit, Alberta is rising to the challenge of meeting future demand.”

Alberta is primed and trusted to support large-scale, innovative energy transition projects. Dow and partner companies invested $11.5 billion in Alberta to build a net-zero petrochemical complex near the capital city of Edmonton. Dow’s investment is the biggest of its kind in North America, signaling to the industry that Alberta is a top destination for low-carbon production. Air Products’ multi-billion-dollar landmark net-zero hydrogen energy complex positions Alberta as one of the most competitive hydrogen networks in the world.

With a track record as a global leader in developing resources with world-class environmental standards and responsible governance, the renewable energy sector is also thriving in Alberta. The renewables industry has invested an estimated $4 billion in Alberta since 2019. As home to 92 per cent of Canada’s growth in installed wind and solar capacity in 2023, Alberta remains the best province in Canada and a highly competitive region in North America. Amazon confirmed Alberta as the ideal place to reach its goal of powering its operations with 100 per cent renewable energy by 2025 when the e-commerce and tech giant selected Alberta for its first Canadian wind farm and for a solar farm, the largest of its kind constructed in Canada.

Emerging innovators are also finding success by working with Invest Alberta. Varme, a waste-to-energy company has found a home in Alberta with long-term sustainability goals that include scrapping landfills entirely. The City of Edmonton and Varme Energy have entered into an agreement to turn approximately 150,000 tonnes per year of residential garbage to green energy as soon as 2027.

As a further indication of Alberta’s commitment to diversifying its energy sector, the Alberta government is completing a thorough review of the energy framework for renewable energy production in the province.

Invest Alberta’s team will be on-site at CERAWeek throughout the week and looks forward to sharing with media and conference participants the ways that Alberta offers energy security, access, and affordability on the path to net zero.

About Invest Alberta
Invest Alberta engages the world and provides high-end tailored support to companies, investors, and major new projects. With team members strategically positioned in key markets around the world, Invest Alberta works to break down barriers so businesses can start up, scale up, and succeed without limits. Since 2020, Invest Alberta has supported the commitment of nearly $20 billion in investment that created more than 27,000 new high-value jobs for Albertans. For more information, please visit investalberta.ca.


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