Take ‘A Moment With…’ the Innovative Business Leaders of the Next 10 Years

Take ‘A Moment With…’ the Innovative Business Leaders of the Next 10 Years

LONDON, 1st February 2024 – The right time, the right place and the right moment. That’s all it takes to change the global market and become a trailblazer within the business landscape. This month’s ‘A Moment With…’ interview series provides some of the world’s most innovative leaders a moment to discuss the milestones that permanently altered their business trajectory.

This month’s series features CEO’s from DohopReaddle and Space Matrix. The series features groundbreaking and insightful interviews on both CBS News and the Global Thought Leaders website. The leaders of these trailblazing companies discuss how they deal with crises, take risks and lead their businesses. By documenting these moments in sit down, one-to-one conversations, private enterprise becomes a part of public discourse. A relaxed setting combined with a real and raw line of questioning makes business accessible in a way that is rarely seen.

In a world of idol worship, we are obsessed with the person behind the political party, celebrity and business. Delving into the idiosyncrasies of a business leader helps us understand more about company culture and how their individual visions and work ethic allows a corporation to monopolise the market. Topics such as handling unclear expectations, the importance of making mistakes and leadership styles are explored in these illuminating interviews.

“At Acumen Media, we believe that success in business should be celebrated. Our ‘A Moment With’ campaign has been specifically created with that in mind, as a testament to those individuals who have dedicated their careers towards becoming leaders in their field,” states TBD Media, recently acquired by Acumen Media (AIIG), CEO, Paolo Emilio Zanini.

Underpinning all the interviews is a shared appreciation of tech and AI in its capacity to augment corporate acumen and efficiency. Although it is the person behind the company logo and standardised processes that make global success tangible, all of the leaders interviewed share the same sentiment that tech is essential to fulfilling their individual goals in the modern world.

Sometimes all you need in an ever-changing world is a moment to sit down, reflect and re-evaluate. That is exactly what the ‘A Moment With…’ series gives global business leaders the opportunity to do.


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