UK unprepared for job spike as latest Labour Market data is released

UK unprepared for job spike as latest Labour Market data is released

Responding to the latest Labour Market data from the Office for National Statistics, Janine Chidlow, Managing Director at WilsonHCG – leading global talent solutions provider – has warned employers against complacency in their talent attraction and retention strategies. According to Janine, with the US labour market seeing a positive uptick in recruitment, the UK will soon follow suit, if it hasn’t already:

“While the latest data does show yet another fall in vacancies, we do have to consider that the timeframe covers the quieter December period as well. With the validity of the data also still questionable given the limited response numbers – with the ONS itself warning that these figures should be utilised alongside other surveys – it’s important to take a more considered approach to the information.

“As the US labour market often acts as a bellwether for things to come in the UK, the recent surge in jobs suggests the UK could begin to see an uptick in activity imminently. It’s crucial that firms bear this in mind when planning workforce resources for the coming months. We are likely to see demand for talent pick up once again, and as we all know, skills shortages remain an issue, with the CIPD reporting yesterday that one in five HR professionals expect problems filling jobs in the next six months.

“A strong and sustainable workforce is required in the UK. In order to deliver this, businesses need to be looking at their entire skills taxonomy and identifying where they are losing out to the competition, which demographics can benefit from reskilling and how skills requirements are shifting.”


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