Cromeloan Introduces a Groundbreaking AI-Powered Home Loan Platform for Trusted Advisors


Sydney, Australia – Cromeloan is set to transform the home loan industry with its innovative AI-driven platform, designed specifically for trusted advisors like accountants and financial planners. This cutting-edge technology not only enhances the advisory capacity by offering tailored mortgage comparisons but also assures compliance with the Best Interest Duty.

By leveraging generative AI technology, Cromeloan assesses current mortgages against a broad array of market offerings, providing highly personalized home loan recommendations. The platform’s standout feature is its ability to complete bank policy matching and service assessments across numerous banks and their products, delivering pre-approvals for home loans within minutes.

Cromeloan is more than just a technological solution; it fosters a true partnership with trusted advisors through a revenue share arrangement. This collaboration ensures that advisors are equipped to offer exceptional value and service to their clients, thereby enhancing client satisfaction and trust.

Several leading accountant groups and financial planners have already embraced Cromeloan, signalling a robust initial endorsement of the platform. The anticipated launch in June 2024 is expected to further cement Cromeloan’s position as a leader in home loan advisory services.

For additional information about Cromeloan and to become a part of this transformative journey, visit


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